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Temple of Peace and Virtue

An De Fu Shen Gong

The Paths

All applicants for Daoist training must be known by Shifu Shannon, as the Karma you bring affects not only your teacher/student relationship, but the Karma of the entire lineage.

If you have never trained with Shifu Shannon, the recommended path of entry is by taking the initial seminar, P1, to the Medical Qigong Program through the International Medical Qigong College. This seminar, as taught by Shifu Shannon, contains the foundational principles that are required for any training you may take through the Temple of Peace and Virtue. Taking the P1 seminar with Shifu Shannon also gives each you the chance to evaluate him as a teacher, and him a chance to evaluate you as a student. Without this, it is very hard for him to consider you for the Daoist program.

Shifu Shannon teaches the P1 seminar twice a year, once in February and again in March.